Welcome to my inner world.

Here you will find magical musings made practical. My goal in creating this space is to write about real life through the lens of astrology (and sometimes without that lens), by telling stories of my own life and experiences I’ve been through, and continue to navigate on this earth school journey.

My mission is to inspire and motivate those who feel as though there is something more out there for them—the seekers and dreamers who are ready to bring their ideas to reality. Those who are tired of living a stale life because that’s what they think they should be doing based on everyone else’s opinion.

This space is for you if you’re:

  • a seeker who can’t get enough of all things mystical and practical

  • feeling anxious and overwhelmed with life

  • a bit skeptical of astrology and what it could do for you (I was, too)

  • stuck in a metaphorical box that you don’t know how to get out of

  • in a time of transition or soul searching

  • looking for a community of fellow humans who have no idea wtf they’re doing, but will support you through the process

  • you want to be here

It’s basically for you if you’re looking for real, raw, and relatable content that will (hopefully) spark something within you and touch your heart.

Who am I?

I’m Kaitlyn!

In 2016, after a break up and what felt like the end of the world, I quit my corporate job and booked a one-way ticket to Australia. I was great at running away from things when they got hard; but this act of fleeing led me to a destination I never could’ve expected.

It led me to my true self.

It wasn’t an easy road, and I wouldn’t do it again, but I would most definitely never go back to change anything.

Since then, I’ve battled (and overcome) a fight with alcoholism, been in plenty of relationships that were bad for me (and the other), travelled part of the globe and my own inner world, learned (and continue to learn) the language of astrology, and I’ve also embraced my artistic talents and have practiced putting myself out there with confidence.

With that being said…

I’ve written 19+ published articles on Elephant Journal, most of those being astrological musings through my unique lens of interpretation, with a few vulnerable shares, which I hope to bring more of here to Substack.

I’ve completed Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology program, where I now also work part-time as the Level 3 Coordinator. I’m certified through the Rebecca Gordon Astrology School at the Intermediate level, where I’ve also studied horoscope writing, astrology for entrepreneurs, astrology for health and wellness, and more. I’ve also studied with astrologers such as Kelly Surtees, Tony Howard, Jason Holley, Carole Taylor, Lynn Bell, and many more.

I’ve trained with CAPISAR, and have successfully completed the Astrological Ethics Awareness Course by passing the Ethics Examination, which is something I take very seriously in my work as a practicing astrologer and coach.

As for coaching qualifications, I’ve received my Health and Life Coaching certification, and have been trained in TCM (Transformational Coaching Method) through Health Coach Institute.

You can learn more about what I do at www.kaitlynramsay.com and follow me on Instagram for more insights!

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An insight into my life and inner world

I’m not quite sure what this space will turn into, but my initial intention is to write more about my life experiences as they happen real time, as well as reflect on those of the past—most likely through the lens of astrology because that’s how my brain works these days.

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Kaitlyn Ramsay

writer, artist, nomad, lover, sister, daughter, dog mom, mystic, astrologer, and full-time supporter of humans believing in themselves in the name of following our hearts to co-create a beautiful world. ♌︎ Leo sun, ♎︎ Libra moon, & ♋︎ Cancer rising